Summer is upon us, and that means hot weather, outdoor fun, and lots of great memories. It also means that you should change the decorations in your home to match the season. Summer is the best season to decorate for (with autumn close behind), because it brings a lot of great opportunities to add some feel-good design in your home. We normally focus just on lighted bathroom vanity mirrors, but we thought that this time we’d give you some bathroom design tips for summer. Here are our favourites:

Add some natural decoration

Summer is the season where all of nature is in full bloom, so it’s only natural to want to add some of that liveliness into your bathroom decor. The best way to bring that feeling indoors is by adding some natural decorations like flowers and plants. Studies have shown that extra foliage around the house puts people in a better mood, and they without a doubt add great style to the space. They take up barely any room, let off great smells, and are soothing to look at. People love seeing green foliage everywhere!

Change your lighting

You’ve got to change the lighting in your bathroom if you want it to match the season. Summer is the season when the sun is shining brightest in the sky, so letting some of that warm, natural light in will liven up the mood. The only issue is that your bathroom probably has small windows. Installing a skylight is a good idea if possible or you could completely expand the windows that you already have. A lighted bathroom vanity mirror could easily solve the problem, though. The LED lights coupled with some natural light from outside will instantly energize the room. It won’t matter if you only have a small window.

Add pictures

They say that a room is only as good as the artwork on the walls. We tend to agree. All of the beautiful images of landscapes, water, and summertime fun can really make your bathroom stand out. A great summer bathroom design tip is to add some flavour to the room by adding beautiful summer artwork to the walls. Think of themes like the beach, open fields, picnics, or images of summer fun in a bygone era. There are plenty of different images you can use, all of which will make the room feel much more pleasant.

Most homeowners want to change their decor to match the season. Changing your design will help your home follow the trends outside. These bathroom design tips will help make your home feel more warm and fun. Want to add the ultimate bathroom decoration? Try a lighted bathroom vanity mirror. Contact us today to find out more.