Home decor changes from year to year, and even sometimes within the same year. What’s popular one day is outdated the next, and new technologies can even change what we desire. This is especially true for bathroom decor. A new year is a new chance to shed some new light on things with a beautiful lighted vanity mirror. Want to get the scoop on 2016’s most popular bathroom design trends? Keep reading! Here they are, courtesy of lightedbathroomvanitymirror.com:

The wow factor: mirror edition

No bathroom would complete without a beautiful mirror; in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find one anywhere that’s lacking a stylish one. The thing that’s changing as time goes forward is how they are viewed. A popular 2016 design trend is the “wow” factor. Many are using their mirror as the centerpiece of the room, something meant to grab the attention of a guest. That’s where lighted bathroom vanity mirrors come in. Our lighted products are designed to hook a person’s attention and never let it go.

Furnished bathrooms

Your bathroom is only for getting cleaned up and ready for work or bed, right? Wrong. That’s at least one trend from 2016 that we are starting to notice. Homeowners around the world are starting to add traditional home furnishings in the bathroom to make the space feel more cozy. Adding in a sofa, small chair, cushy beanbag lounger, and even an end table will give your bathroom an extra comfy feel.

Euro stylings!

If it’s from Germany, Scandinavia, France, or anywhere else in Europe, then people are going crazy for it in 2016. Gone are the traditional days of cluttered bathrooms and bland stylings. These days everyone is going for sleek, efficient, brightly lit designs that maximize spacing and utilize modern fixtures. A lighted mirror is the perfect complement to this style, and this is one reason they are gaining in popularity. Your bathroom should be more than a room for getting clean or ready, it should be a spa-like experience.

Home design is not just a one and done deal. It’s something that you’ve got to keep up on! These are 2016 hottest bathroom design trends. Turn your home into a modern, stylish, and elegant experience for you and your guests by browsing our catalog.